I Had A Baby :)

This is how I spent most of the last year! I drew this sketch when I was 5 months along. I'm surprised to say I actually miss being pregnant... even with the struggles it was a really magical time. The kicks. The belly pride. The wonder and anticipation. The calm before the storm 😆... I wish I would have worried a little less and embraced the bump sooner. But I think I did alright. I traveled to Paris, soaked my stomach in Kauai rays, wandered around Seattle, made a getaway to San Diego, walked her through her first women's march, ran 3 days a week until my labor, and made Don feel every kick he could. It's bitter sweet that chapter has ended... but when I'm feeling too nostalgic I'll try to remember the eczema, reflux, rib pain, restless legs, and the ridiculous ordeal of trying to figure out how the hell to dress myself 😜.